Friday, February 24, 2006

Lack of Factual Information in this Post Due to Acute Fear of Prematurely Finding Out Olympic Results

I guess figure skating is one of my favorite spectator sports because it's one of the few that you need a hanky to watch. Now that I have a little girl, I'm struck by how fraught the whole skating thing is with parent/daughter love and angst.

I'm only halfway done watching the long program tonight, and I think I already have a winner for poignant figure skating parenting story of the night. One of the very first skaters was Miss T., a skater from Turkey who I won't look up right now because I'm afraid of finding out the results prematurely. They only have two ice rinks in her country, and she's the first of her countrywomen to skate in the Olympics. At the short program, I cried when I heard her parents couldn't afford to fly to Italy to watch her skate live. If somebody had taken up a collection, I would have chipped in for that trip, for sure! But tonight was the clincher. Miss T. trains in Canada. Scott Hammil said that although her father was watching her short program on TV back in Turkey, where he had to return to find work, her mother could not even watch her skate on tv, because she HAD TO WORK. Well, I guess I won't feel sorry for myself for sitting at home alone tonight while Epu's at the office. At least, if Nutmeg is ever competing in the Olympics, he will probably manage to get the evening off.*

Then there was the Japanese skater named Mikki, who fell on practically every jump, and caused Dick Button to comment that 'this is what happens when skaters get good at jumps really young, then they get a little older and their body changes.' I just wanted to hug poor Mikki and tell her hey, that sucks for all of us, but you'll figure it out. Of course, I couldn't really confirm any of these womanly "body changes" with my own eyes on the no-butt, all-muscle Japanese girl, but I'll take Dick's word for it.

*Lest any of you who don't know us get the wrong idea, although Nutmeg has been going ice skating with Epu, it's not because we want to push her into a life of competitive athletics. Fortunately for all of us (financially and emotionally) I don't think she has the genes for that. Epu loves playing ice hockey, and since there is a rink very near our apartment, he has been pestering me about when he could start taking her ice skating since she was, oh, 6 months. When I tell her that she's going skating with Daddy -- they've been doing it every Wednesday -- she just lights up. It's a father daughter thing. And I think it's good for her brain development to get out and do something physical and maybe learn something about balance. It is NOT a stage mother thing, believe me. In the unlikely even that she ever got seriously into skating, I hope she learns to drive at the age of 10, because I have heard all those human interest stories about parents making 3-hour round trips to the rink before and after school, and I want to say right now: Hell, no, I won't go. Sorry, Nut. Maybe you could get into competitive Internet gaming, so you could do all your meets from home?

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Moxie Mom said...

Little P is into gymnastics, so I can totally relate. She doesn't have the genes but it is a nice father/daughter thing on Monday Mornings.

My nephew, however, has gotten really good at hockey. My brother has put probably 80,000 miles on his car in less then two years. ugh