Saturday, February 11, 2006


When we read Curious George books, which are among Nutmeg's very favorites, there are a few recurring issues that make us adults shake our heads and laugh. Like, when is the Man With the Yellow Hat going to learn that George can not be left unsupervised? And in what kind of world were things like these -- capturing wildlife in a sack for our own amusement? locking a wild animal in a human prison ? -- acceptable fodder for a children's story? Well, I guess a world in which the authors had to flee Europe in order to avoid being being fed into ovens.

Now that the movie's coming out, The Chronicle actually published a front-page today ( addressing these same issues. On the upside, the Western world of today is a little more gentle, and none of us are in danger of being fed into ovens. On the downside, we've been invaded by People Who Take Everything You and I Laugh About With Deathly Seriousness. Yes, the PWTEYILAWDSes.
By the way, I'm sorry to almost always link to Chronicle stories. It's the only paper I read every day. I listen to the Wall Street Journal on Audible, but you wouldn't want to hear about any of those articles. Trust me.

This is what I'm talking about.


Unknown said...

omg! i read this article and i snorted my juice... it made me laugh so hard. i kept re-checking to see if i had clicked on the onion instead.

i'm going to be a rebel and take k'zilla to see it anyway! :)

Kayadela said...

Well, I actually really like the Wall.

You know my opinion on the Mand with the Yellow Hat. He is a slave trader and poor George is only trying to figure out his new world, which gets him punished pretty harshly. Nice rats.