Friday, January 06, 2006

Top Ten Childcare Moments

Epu has brought yet another cold into the Pu home. I think it's because he's working such long hours, which resumed the moment he came back from Christmas vacation. Now I've got it and since it's rare that I am sick on a day I actually have childcare available, I decided to call in sick and enjoy the privilege.

I tried to stay out of La Nanny's way. It's very odd having someone working in your house while you're there. I know that some (lucky) women have a "mother's helper" come on a regular basis, but I'm not sure if I could ever get comfortable with that arrangement. And I really, really like La Nanny.

I brought up some laundry including a load of Nutmeg's stuff, and then I went out to exchange a Christmas gift for a smaller size.* When I came back I left my shopping bag in the basement because it was too embarrassing to let her know that I had been out shopping while she took care of my child. Then I noticed that she had put Nutmeg's laundry away. And while I love, love, love the stuff La Nanny does around here while she takes care of the kids, I was a little sad, because taking care of Nutmeg's clothes is one of my favorite jobs. Often I'll do it while she's asleep a few feet away from me, and I'll fold each piece and think about her wearing it and how cute she looks in it and wish that she was awake again.

Other mom chores I actually like:

-- Putting the toys away. It's like playing, and then you get such a nice feeling of order when they're all back in their proper drawers and buckets. Epu and I fight over who gets to do this one.
-- Lotion, pajamas, storytime, nursie, bedtime. This is usually all E up to the nursie, but when he's working late I get to do it and who wouldn't love that. Especially now that she lies down without a fight and goes right to sleep.
-- Getting her dressed. Especially when the alternative, letting Epu dress her, leads to such fashion disasters.
-- Stroller grocery shopping.
-- Sometimes, even diaper changes. Most of the time, actually.

The ones I don't like that much:
-- Feeding her. It takes a long time for her to eat, which tethers me to one area since you're not supposed to let them out of your sight when they're eating. And when she's done it often looks like she's hardly eaten anything, which robs the event of any sense of accomplishment. Anything that involves a lot of waiting, followed by a mess to clean up, is not high on my list. At least the days of spoonfeeding and of spending hours each day nursing or pumping are over.
-- Bathtime. Again with the waiting. Although now, she's getting autonomous enough that I can bring a book in with us. Also, she fights getting in and fights any attempts to wash her. And, I hate getting my hands wet.
-- Nail cutting. Well, duh.
-- Temperature taking. We have actually never once taken a rectal. And her ped says that's just fine. Does it really matter what her temperature is? Not unless she's so hot to the touch that you think she might be over 105, and that's never happened here. Knock wood.
-- Playing. Gotta be honest here. Daddy is way more the fun guy. I like taking care of my baby like a little doll, and I love having long conversations with her and reading lots of stories. But when it comes to building with legos or playing pretend with the plastic schoolbus, I crap out in about 5 minutes. And at the park, I'm never happier than when there is enough safe toddler equipment to keep her engrossed so I can read the paper.

*No, it was not a bra.


Hillary said...

I can second all of that!

I love paying attantion to my daughter, talking to her, reading to her. But it's just not that easy for me to "play" with her. For me that requires the kind of imagination and energy I think I left behind.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with playing games, or watching her play outside with other kids, or drawing with her. But when I have to help invent the game or activity—I'm a goner. That's my husbands forte.

Bert said...

little nut-head is so lucky to have a mommy who loves her so much that she wishes for her to wake up quickly from her naps. i'm literally getting cavities from reading this. :)