Monday, January 02, 2006

Remember that story about the babysitter who microwaved the baby?

I cook a lot of broccoli for Nutmeg because Ruth Yaron calls it a "Superfood" and because, praise the lord, she likes it. Now it turns out I've been eliminating a lot of the nutritive value from the broccoli before I feed it to her.

A friend told me about this a few months ago, and I suspected it was an urban myth. But today, just before sticking a couple pieces of broccoli in the micro for her lunch, I finally sat down and looked it up.

I also looked up whether or not nuking food in plastic containers or covering it with plastic wrap will give my baby cancer, as I was warned in emails forwarded from my Grandma. My mother in law also mentioned over the holiday that she had heard this from a neighbor.

Is it true? Maybe, maybe not. That's not very satisfying, is it? From now on I'm just going to spray Nutmeg's food with Lysol to kill any germs and feed it to her raw.


Kori said...

Man, all that nutritious breastfeeding, and now nuked broccoli will be Nutmeg's undoing. Who knew?

Seriously, though, that kid is so healthy---I mean, you look at her running around and she's absolutely vivacious---I would say keep giving her plasticated, microwaved veggies. They seem to be doing the trick. And maybe, just maybe, someday she'll have amazing superpowers thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

What if you microwave it without the water? For pete's sake! I can never win.

After all this time, they really got a lot tinier? The boobs, I mean? I'm like a size D. I can't even remember what's it like to see past my boobs.

Bert said...

I told you nuking it was bad. See? I'm always right about broccoli.

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