Monday, January 16, 2006

My baby can say "Brett Favre"

Nutmeg caught in the act of doing something cute. *And* wearing Green Bay Packers pajamas and socks from Grammy and Grampy.

I came across her sprinkling her doll's head with milk from her sippy cup. At first I figured she was just reenacting the bath I just gave her, which was cute enough. Then I heard her say, "A baby shower!" Get it? Get it?

I told her last night that she was going to a baby shower, because she will be going to one in a few weeks. I didn't know she would take it so literally.

And she doesn't just do comedy, this girl. She does sentimental dramas too. Just after this funny episode, I told her it was time to read stories for bed. Epu, as is now the rule on Monday nights, is still at work.

"No!" she told me. "Daddy do that."


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Kori said...

Aw is right. Too sweet. :)