Monday, January 09, 2006


Nutmeg now recognizes the letter F.
Also, instead of scribbling seemingly randomly, she now makes circular lines and long, straight lines. She tells us that she is drawing pictures of us, or La Nanny. I'll be frank with you, though: They are just a bunch of circular scribbles.
She has also developed her first brand affinity, and one very close to Mommy and Daddy's hearts it is: Target. Yesterday we planned to "stop"* at Target after the zoo, and I sighed, "I love Target."
She jumped right in with, "Nutmeg loves Target."
She picked out some hair elastics there with glittery flowers on them, and when I got them out the next morning, she excitedly said, "You bought those at Target!"
This evening, when I pulled down the new store-brand bottle of dishwasher detergent from the shelf, she exclaimed, "We bought that at Target!"
She does not, however, pronounce it "tar-zhay." Be patient, people. She is just a baby.

* As if anyone just stops at Target.


Kori said...

My aunt calls Target, "The $150 Store," because no matter how little you go in to spend ("I just need to pick up some dishsoap and paper towels") you leave with $150 worth of stuff in your cart. While in the store, you become convinced that you need all of the stuff, too. When you get home, the normal "need to want" ratio pops back in to place, but it's too late.

Notta Wallflower said...

Ha, ha - you must teach her the proper pronunciation of Tar-zhay. I know she has it in her if she can say some of the other words I've heard her say. Plus, how cute would that be? :-P Nut is a girl after my own heart - I love Tar-zhay. :-)