Sunday, January 08, 2006

Funny Girl

Today Nutmeg just kept cracking us up.
Nutmeg and I have been making carrot muffins together every couple of weeks or so. It's a good way to use up the carrots that come in our produce delivery box. But today, while I was at the gym, Epu decided to make Jiffy corn muffins with her instead. She enjoyed stirring up the mix, and he baked them up. After her nap, we put a corn muffin on her tray. She poked at it, broke it into many pieces, and finally tried a bite.
Then she frowned.
"Want a real muffin!"
Mommy is so glad that she is learning to appreciate homemade. Especially after last week, when we were at Kay's house and I was trying to make dinner, but she kept wanting me to come into the living room.
I told her, "Mommy's cooking," and she replied:
"Mommy can't cook."
"Everyone's entitled to her opinion," I told her.

We also went to the zoo today along with another little family. Our Mayor is on a mission to stop families from moving out of the city, and his first act on this was to make the zoo free to resident families today. Like, I was going to move to Pleasanton, but now that we saved $16 on zoo entry fees, we can afford to move into that 3-bedroom house in Noe Valley!

Anyway, in the car on the way there we sang The Chiquita Banana Song 1,100 times to keep the Nut happy. Her Grandma started singing this song for her last summer and Nutmeg has always loved it. This time, after each round, she called out gleefully: "Grandma knows that song!"

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