Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Fine Romance

On Mondays, the only day I have alone with Nutmeg lately, I sometimes feel like I am dating my baby. I have all those happy new romance feelings, like doing something together for the first time, or establishing little routines that are ours, and imagining all the fun things that lie ahead of us.

Yesterday afternoon I packed some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a new favorite, and we went to the carousel. We rode twice, and I stood back and drank in the euphoric look on her face as she went up and down. Then we sat at a little table and ate our sandwiches while watching the carousel. Then the park and home. After she was in bed last night, I hung up my sweatshirt and found the ticket from the carousel in my pocket. I stood there in the closet holding it, and it was just like the feeling I had when I was holed up in my bedroom as a teenager, and I came across some relic of the boy I was dating.

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Kori said...

Awh....so sweet. :)