Saturday, January 21, 2006

Brrr. Yeah.

Living the in the Bay Area is such a hoot weather-wise. It dipped into the 40s this week, and even down to 39 sometime last night. You would think we are experiencing a new ice age. On Thursday, La Nanny kept the kids inside all day because she felt it was too cold to go out. According to, thursday had a low of 44 and a high of 54. I told her that we took Nutmeg outdoors when it was about 17 degrees in Wisconsin over Christmas. Since Northern California the coldest climate the El Salvador-born La Nanny has ever experienced, all she could do is laugh and shiver at this news. Last night, a stranger on an elevator noticed that I have a cold. "It's this weather," he said.

Yeah. I know all you Wisconsinites come down with the sniffles every time the thermometer dips below 50. It's tough. It's just, really, really ... tough.

By the way, one thing that has been lacking in Nutmeg's prodigious verbal development is that she rarely asks that perennial toddler question, "What's this?" So I was happy this morning when she came across a couple of candles I had dug out of a drawer, held them up, and asked, "What are these?" Don't you love it? Verb/subject agreement and all.


Notta Wallflower said...

I usually get sick/cold when we have weather like this because it's not cold enough to kill germs. At least when it's freezing, stuff gets dead-ed. :-P

You mean she doesn't ask you "why?" yet? Just wait...

I'm impressed by the subject-verb agreement, since I know adults who don't seem to grasp the concept.

Kori said...

lol...oh, La Nanny, if you only knew that when it was finally 40 degrees around here, we jumped outside, threw the bean in the stroller, and went on a walk exclaiming, "it's so warm and beautiful out today!"

Today, we went on a walk to the kitchen store to give the ol'snap-and-go one of it's last hurrahs. It snowed last night. Hard. The stroller was basically cross-country skiing.

Bert said...

there are two things i love about californians during this season that they so charmingly refer to as "winter":

1) as you mentioned, any temperature below 45 degrees is deemed too cold to be outside, and might even be enough to make a person ill (even though illness is caused by germs, not by temperature drops).

2) when it rains, as it often does during "winter" in the bay area, people leave work early. they panic. and everyone seems to forget the basics of operating a motor vehicle.

personally, if i don't see four feet of snow on the ground, and the news isn't warning me that my nose will fall off in 5 seconds or less from exposure to the elements, i'm good to go.