Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nutmeg's Employee Evaluation

At 19 months, Nutmeg has made a lot of accomplishments. Here are some of them:

-- Her imaginative play is blossoming. Tonight she told me we should get tickets to ride the elevator. I said, "OK, give me a ticket," and she handed me an imaginary ticket. We pretended -- led by her -- to push the elevator button, get in, and ride up and down. Then later after we read "Curious George Flies a Kite," she used her Curious George bookmark and an inflated ball to mimick exactly what the monkey had been doing in the book. Two nights ago, when I was dozing on the couch, sick with the flu, she started -- independently -- a new game she has now been playing every day, where she gets all her Little People into the school bus, drives them to the library, and gets them out.

-- Language. She's trying to use those tricky English tenses and negatives. Today she said to me, "Rosa made muffins." When I told her no, Mommy made the muffins, she said, "Rosa don't made it." Later, she told me, "Eliot goed home."

-- Sleeping. OK, it took longer for us than it takes for sleep training families, but the result is the same and I feel comfortable about the way we got here. She's going down without crying, for both naps and bedtimes, and sleeping all night without waking us up. Joy to the world.

-- Eating. Nutmeg no longer throws her bowl or food on the floor when she's getting tired of being in her high chair. If she wants to, she says, "Mommy take it," and holds out the bowl to me so I can take it away.

We had a beautiful evening together tonight. She helped me make dinner by washing the greens, then we ate together, then played, then she played a little more while I cleaned up, then we read a couple of stories over and over, then bed. She's a good companion.

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Bert said...

you are so in love with your baby! i just love that about you and epu. nutmeg is a very lucky little girl.