Thursday, December 22, 2005

Long-distance love

On our 6th day away from home, Nutmeg is really starting to miss her BFF back in California. Today, she was home with her grandmother and Epu and I were out shopping w/ his brother and brother's girlfriend. When we came to the door, Grandma asked Nutmeg, "Who is it?" and Nutmeg answered, "Maybe Eliot!"

Poor kid, she's pining.

We saw the Nutcracker tonight, and left Nutmeg home with one of her Aunt Julia's best friends as a sitter. Epu and I spent most of the evening imagining how much Nutmeg would enjoy seeing the spinning dancers and especially the choo-choo train that rolled onstage at the end of Act I.

It's pretty much been 6 straight days of Christmas for Nutmeg already. She's gotten several gifts: a dress and coat, a sled, an antler headband with lights that she actually likes to wear, a rocking horse/high chair/desk made by the Amish, and a stuffed Christmas-style doggie and bear. I guess she's warming up for the big day.

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Anonymous said...

I must see a picture of Nutmeg with the antlers!!!