Thursday, December 01, 2005


Nutmeg had a bad day today. I don't know what it was, but she woke up from her nap crying and then nursed and then just sat on the floor and cried and cried. I tried everything and then just went about my business getting us ready to go to her first professional haircut. She wouldn't let me put her tights and shoes and coat on, so I just threw those in the diaper bag and carried her to the car. She cried most of the way there in the car, and I carried a squirming, crying toddler into the shop. Kay and Eliot met us there. The woman in the shop was like, This is the one who's getting her hair cut? And silently, I'm sure, saying Swell! I better be getting a big tip.

It was a special shop just for kids, with little cars the babies sit in while getting their hair cut, and tons of toys. I thought Nutmeg would find it fun, but once we got her in the chair her crying just intensified and she shook her head around a few times, making me worry that she might get stabbed in the eye by the scissors. I even snapped at Kay in the process because she and the lady cutting the hair kept trying to make Nutmeg happy, and I knew that at this point anything anyone said to her would just make her mad.

When we got her out of the chair Nutmeg was so relieved that she actually played happily with the toys in the waiting room. However, she never consented to have her tights put on.

Tonight she pitched another fit while getting a bath, but we expect that these days. She used to love baths, now she hates them. It's like having a teenager; what used to be in is out so fast that we old fuddy-duddies can't keep up.

But after I wrapped her in her towel and took her to the bedroom for pajamas, I sang a new song I'd made up in the car for her. She likes this song; in the car, she had stopped crying and told me, "That a good song." Tonight, she stood on the bed, hugging me and craning her neck back to look right into my face as I sang. When I stopped, she said, "More this one." And so I sang for her some more.

That tender scene might have been enough to make me forget our hellish and disappointing afternoon. But in case it wasn't, I just went into the bedroom and had a look at her, sleeping like an angel in our bed. With her perfectly straight bangs she looks just like Hayley Mills in "The Parent Trap," and I am definitely caught in hers. And happily so.


Moxie Mom said...
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Notta Wallflower said...

Too funny - I know it's not funny at the time. Reminds me of the time K decided to kick the nice hairdresser when she tried to cut his hair. One of his shining moments. :-/