Thursday, November 24, 2005


Oh yes, and I'm also very, very thankful for this husband and daughter that I just dispatched to the park. Honestly, very, very, very very thankful.


Kori said...

Well I'm glad you clarified this, because I was concerned. Just kidding.

Your pavo post had me laughing so hard I spit out my drink. I read it aloud to Mike and my mom, and couldn't stop laughing to read about bathing where a raw turkey had been sitting.

Epu is reminding me of Mike, especially with regard to slashdot. Also with all the exciting ideas. Mike is known to have said, before we had kids, how dangerous those kid seats on bikes looked to him. He thought that canoeing with an infant seemed safer. When I asked him what you would do to secure the infant, he said something about strapping the kid to the canoe. When I asked him what you would do if it capsized, he looked amazed at the possibility. "I guess that wouldn't work, would it?' was his response. I said that it would work just fine if the baby's mortality wasn't an issue.

He's all about the big ideas. Oh, yeah. I see dirty turkey in our future.

Will Powers said...

Unique blog!