Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Sincerest Flattery Comes From Those Who Are Incapable of Being Insincere

After our turkey feast, which came off beautifully by the way, we watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's." The highlight of my Thanksgiving came the moment that Audrey Hepburn left for Sing Sing, wearing the hat with the white scarf on it. Nutmeg was watching.

"Like Mommy," she said, as soon as she saw her in that hat. She remembered my Halloween costume in which I dressed as Holly Golightly, wearing my best imitation of the hat.

She repeated it several more times, just to make sure we got it.

Thanks, Nut. *Anytime* you want to say that any aspect of Audrey Hepburn (except her deadness) reminds you of mommy, just bust on out with it. No matter where or when it occurs to you. Mommy is always happy to hear that.

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Bert said...

you also resemble her in your whimsical nature. how's that? :)