Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Life of Nutmeg, Volume I

Epu and I made a book for Nutmeg last night. It's called, "Nutmeg Can Sleep All Night!" Illustrated with photos of Nutmeg, the book tells a stirring tale of personal growth, wherein Nutmeg progresses from "tiny baby" to "big girl" and along the way gains the ability to go all night without nursie. I took her to Office Max today and bought a report cover and page sleeves for it to make the loose pages into book form. She quite enjoyed reading it again and again, and at least the words have sunk in, because when she went to nurse tonight before bed, she said, "lights on." (In the book, she learns that when it's light she can nurse, but when it's dark, nursies are sleeping and so is she.) But she has another cold, and that never bodes well for a good sleeping night.

Fortunately, Nutmeg's daytime life is coming along nicely. At library story hour today she actually did some of the hand motions in imitation of the librarian, including putting her hands on top of her head to simulate a rocket.

Have I mentioned that her favorite book these days is none other than "Fun With Dick and Jane," that primer of her grandparents' generation? Today I was encouraging her to go up our building's stairs, and I told her, "Up, up, up."

"Said Jane," she chimed in.

Oh, I loves me some Nutmeg.

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