Sunday, November 27, 2005

I wasn't going to shop much for Christmas until I get back to Wisconsin, yet somehow I managed to buy two Christmas presents for Nutmeg this week. We saw this wooden zoo set marked down from over $100 to $40 at Flax, and we just had to get it:

And I wanted to add to her collection of Sesame Street puppets, even though she has not showed much interest in them so far. Happily, last night she started playing with her Bert puppet, so there's hope that she'll be delighted with her growing Sesame Street crew.

She doesn't really need us to buy her anything, and we really don't plan on going overboard, but since we hardly buy her anything new all year, I like to take the opportunity to get a few toys and clothes that I like at Christmas. I actually rarely see toddler toys that I really like both aesthetically and funwise.

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Bert said...

Ohmygod! Can I come over and play?!