Friday, November 18, 2005

Hug, hug, hug

I was cuddling with Nutmeg on the couch tonight, reconnecting her after the having nearly 3 days apart. And she did the most amazing thing. She asked to sing the "Bus Song." I started it out, but then she took over. She wanted to make up all the verses. Here is what she sang:

"The Nutmeg on the bus go nurse nurse nurse, nurse nurse nurse..."
"The Daddy on the bus go read read read..." ("read 'George,' she added for clarity)
"The Mommy on the bus go hug hug hug..."
Then she looked around the room a bit. And once she got some inspiration, it got really good:
"The shapes on the bus go in, in in..." (looking at the shape sorter)
"The letters on the bus go click click click..." (looking at her alphabet puzzle)

Have I mentioned that I love this baby? I'm like the guy in the De Beers commercial. I ... LOVE ... THIS ... BABY.

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