Sunday, November 27, 2005

do me a favor?

If anyone wants to help me choose material for my latest grad school submission, I just posted the draft of a story I wrote today on my fiction blog, at It's either that, or "Photocopy," which is also posted on that blog a few entries down, or some excerpts from my novel-in-not-very-much-progress. I get to send in 30 pages.

Please send me any feedback directly or post it here, since i am not reading the comments on the fiction blog. they're all spam.


Anonymous said...

psst...the link isn't working for me. Is it just me?

Kori said...

I printed out your stories in the hopes of reading them soon. As you know, "soon" is a relative term with an infant to care for. I'll drop you a line as soon as I've had the pleasure. :)