Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cranky monkey

Nutmeg has been kind of crabby lately. She apparently had a mild adverse reaction to her last MMR shot, with a fever for 3 days and then a rash across her cheeks and stomach. Epu said, "Basically she's got the measles." I told him to look up what children went through when they really had the measles, then to let me know if he wanted to revise that statement.

When she's not crabby, she's taken to reciting lines of Curious George, especially in her high chair. "It's also easy for a monkey to get out of trouble," she told me yesterday. Today, she said, "All of the puppies got out of the cage."

She's also a tattle tale now, which is actually good since it will help protect her from nasty marauding babysitters. The other morning, when she was babbling and carrying on in the early a.m. while we tried to sleep, she said several times, "Shut UP!" When I finally opened my eyes and gave up on sleeping, Epu was on me, wanting to know just where she'd learned to say that. I try, people, I really do try to be all patience and kindness, but when it's still dark out and I just want to finish 7 hours before playtime begins, well, the phrase may have slipped out.

Today was the free day at the Bay Area Discovery Museum, so we went with Keith and Kay and Eliot. This time, Nutmeg's new thing was that she enjoyed wearing the costumes they have there of skunks and ladybugs and bees. Now that she's done the Halloween thing, she gets costumes. She even buzzed when we put the bee costume on her.

Songs Nutmeg can sing at least a few lines of now:
"Moon on the Meadow"
"Twinkle Twinkle"
"The Wheels on the Bus"
"Old Macdonald"

And hey, I don't have to be back at work for 2 weeks. Yay! Next week I have a workshop at Berkeley, and the next I have vacation for Thanksgiving. Which we're spending right here, thank ya, for some much needed "catch up on our out of control lives" time.

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Anonymous said...

What? Nutmeg is never crabby! I don't believe it. I refuse!

What's with these early bird toddlers anyway? Don't they get how awesome sleep is?