Tuesday, November 01, 2005


It is no longer Halloween. It's 12:09. Yet I must ... stay ... awake. I just watched "The Exorcist" with Kay and I have no idea when Epu is coming home from work. Yes, he's working late even on Halloween. In fact he missed Nutmeg's first rudimentary attempts at Trick-or-Treating. Which were glorious and I am so exhausted. Yet ... must stay awake. I have to admit that after watching that woman's sweet, beloved 12-year-old go all growly-voiced, doing unspeakable things with a cross and crab-walking down the stairs (it was the re-released version from a year or so ago) I'm a wee bit nervous about sharing a room all alone with my own innocent child.

First this morning Nutmeg saw her pediatrician, who she greeted with a friendly "Hi!" The examining room had one of those wire bead-chaser toys, and Nutmeg used it to show off how she knows her colors. That was awesome because normally, of course, children are brilliant in front of you but as soon as someone else comes along they clam up. Nutmeg is no exception. Nutmeg is 21 pounds, 15 oz., which means she is still in the 10-25 percentile and holding steady. We thought she had gained more, but the doc is cool with it. Said she is way ahead, especially verbally, which of course we know. And, the doctor told us that when Nutmeg comes in for her 2-year-old appointment, she'll be on maternity leave. I think there's another pregnancy pandemic starting. My GP is also on maternity leave.

Nutmeg was getting tired on the bus ride home, maybe because she got up at friggin' 3:30 a.m. (after going down for a nap at 5:30 p.m. the night before from which our half-hearted efforts could not rouse her). She slept at home from 11 a.m. until nearly 3 p.m., at which time it was time to get ready for Trick or Treating!! We both suited up, and Keith dropped off Eliot and Kay at our house, because he was going to a concert. I took Eliot along in the double stroller and Kay hung around on our couch for a few hours. First we swung by my office, and I am truly sorry to say that I stole some of Nutmeg's thunder with my slightly sexy outfit. My co-workers were just a little stunned to see me out of a frumpy sweater and slacks, I guess. Still, Nutmeg melted hearts right and left by saying, "meow" on command, as well as telling each person "Hi" with their name (after I prompted her). Then we met up with another mom from our babysitting co-op, whose condo building was having trick-or-treating through the halls. While I was calling this friend from the lobby, I let Nutmeg out of the stroller and she pulled a huge, very heavy vase down on herself. It could have hurt her really bad, but somehow it just seemed to push her down gently and she barely cried. I almost did, however, since there was water and little berries from the display all over the place. Oh well, maintenance was called.
Nutmeg was delighted to see little Noah, who was dressed as a monkey, and we 2 moms set out with 3 babies to paint the halls red -- with blood. Just kiddin'.
Oh jeez. I just thought I heard Nutmeg crying, but when I went in the bedroom, she was sound asleep. So I'm looking around the bedroom, wondering, what mimicked her voice to get me in here? I really hope Epu gets home soon.
The units all had doorbells that glowed, and the main event for Nutmeg quickly became pushing the doorbells. She caught on quickly that we were only supposed to ring the bell if the door had a paper pumpkin stuck to the outside. About one in five units was participating. Lovely how neighborly people are these days, no? However, if all those condos had been giving out candy, we never would have made it through the first floor. Nutmeg often raced ahead, looking for pumpkin doors, but sometimes she decided to empty her little treat bag onto the carpet, for fun. Then when I was gathering up her candy, Eliot would decide to wander back up the hall toward the last door we visited. And once Noah got some candy he chewed through the wrapper and walked very slowly, enveloped in the amazing sensation of his first sugar binge ever. Nutmeg got the idea that she was supposed to grab these little brightly colored packages from people's bowls, and she even said "trick-or-treat" and "thank-you" occasionally. But once it was in the bag, she showed no further interest in the candy, thankfully. Eliot tried to waddle right into many of the apartments we visited. He also rang a couple doorbells, although he needed a little boost and some help applying an adequate amount of pressure.
Can I wring anymore anecdotes out of this trip? Because it is 12:30 and I really don't want to go to bed. And I'm sure my husband will be walking in the door anytime in the next two hours.
Have I mentioned how fed up I am with unrestrained American capitalism and the fact that some -- nay, most -- companies get away with demanding twenty or so hours of unpaid overtime whenever they deem it necessary? Now that's scary -- the case of the time snatchers.
12:32. Wonder what's on tv.
He's here! I just about jumped out of my chair when I heard the key turn in the lock. Good night, and Happy Halloween.


Kori said...

Okay, before I say anything else, let me just tell you---you and the nut could not look cuter. You were meant for high society, and Nutmeg was meant for the jungle. :)

As for your husband's work schedule, I have great sympathy. It seems that everyone I talk to, including myself, has this problem. I swear I would run for public office if I could campaign on a "make this workplace insanity" platform work. It's killing the American family a lot faster than anyone thinks, and that's the darn truth.

So glad Epu got home before you passed out from exhaustion. I so wish I was there to hang out with you while our husbands were out in overtime hustle---there is safety in numbers.

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Bert said...

ha ha. you're making me glad that i didn't make it over for the movie. i have no hubbie coming to gallantly save me from fictional movie characters. and yes, you do look hot and the nut is cuter than humanly possible, as always.