Saturday, October 29, 2005

Week from Heck

An exhausting week at the Nut House.

Monday I took 4 or 5 busses across town, with Nutmeg in the backpack, to get a filling at the Indifferent Russian Dentists because I thought Epu's insurance, which is good there but not at the nice, nearby dentist, would make it cheaper than my insurance. But according to them, Epu's insurance wouldn't anything for a filling, so I ended up using mine anyway. Left Nutmeg with Jenny and David, who very kindly agreed to take her in even though they were imminently expecting movers to come pack up their whole condo and move them to Washington DC. Only after we get there do I realize that Nutmeg has the sniffles, which she has probably passed on to David and Jenny's darling son Eliot, ensuring a miserable move. Sorry, guys, I really didn't know!

When we got back I called Kay to ask if she could watch Nutmeg while I went to my new writing group. She said she could, despite the fact that she had -- extremely painfully -- sprained her knee and was confined to the couch waiting for it to become less painful so a doctor could even move it around and confirm what had happened to it. But Keith was home from work, since they were supposed to still be at Stinson Beach, which is where the horrible knee-wrenching happened.
I met up with Epu sometime after 10 at Keith and Kay's house to pick up the sleeping Nut and bring her home.

On Tuesday, Nutmeg and I went to Kay's at 1 p.m. to help out. I took the kids to the park, Nutmeg in the backpack, Eliot in the stroller. My left achilles and heel started getting really sore after two long outings with 13-pounder in backpack, two days in a row. We all ate takeout for dinner, and Keith drove us home at around 8:30. Epu got home at 1 a.m.

On Wednesday, I went to work and a grievance committee meeting and came back at 3. Keith had dropped off Kay and Eliot at 2. I wanted to take the kids with me on some errands, but wrangling them into jackets and shoes took so long that by the time I got them back, they were practically asleep in the stroller. Nutmeg went to bed at 6:30 p.m. and we let her sleep right on through, but Kay coudln't get Eliot to nap. I made dinner and Keith joined us. After they leave I straighten up the house for 2 hours so La Nanny doesn't arrive to a dump in the morning. Nutmeg woke up at 4:30 a.m., nursed, then stayed awake, demanding to eat. After suffering through this awhile, I handed her over to Epu, who put her in the high chair, but she wouldn't eat anything, so he brought her back to bed, where she thrashed and kicked us and talked, so he put her in the crib, where she cried. Around 5:30, she was finally settling down when the garbage truck came by and started the whole thing over. Somehow, we all manage to get back to sleep until 7:30 or so.

Thursday I just went to work. Ah, what bliss, especially since I was working on a fun story. I got home at 5 and Nutmeg threw a huge temper tantrum, heels kicking on floor, for no apparent reason. Maybe because she really wanted me to both read her a book and nurse and she couldn't decide which she wanted more. La Nanny departs, I take kids grocery shopping in double stroller and then make dinner for the 3 of us. Keith comes to get Eliot a little past 7:30. Putting Nutmeg to bed takes a long time. I had promised to edit and send out the notes to the last union meeting, but the Internet is not working so I can't do it. Clean up kitchen and fall into bed exhausted. Epu gets home at 2 a.m. and rings buzzer because he had lent his key to La Nanny.

Friday: Nutmeg wakes up at 7, just as my dream was getting interesting. I tell her we'll go make coffee, and she has a miniature version of last night's tantrum, because, as she says, "Daddy make coffee!" We stagger out to living room where she pesters me into nursing her and I doze while she finds a pen and scribbles on the sharecare agreement that La Nanny and we signed last night. I wake up when she tries to scribble on my face. I am so tired that making coffee takes two tries. The first time I grind the beans but forget to put all the grounds into the coffee pot. Work is fun but intense as I rush to finish fun story on time; I end up working an hour late which I feel guilty about because La Nanny's grandkids are coming to visit. But at home La Nanny has cooked and is feeding the kids dinner, and Keith collects Eliot at 6:40, and Epu is home by 7:40, much to Nutmeg's delight. She goes to bed easily, and Epu and I watch "Network," the movie where the people are mad as hell and they're not gonna take it anymore.

Keith said to me tonight, looking wrung out: "How do single parents survive?"
I was like, wait, are we married to each other? Cause I've seen you a lot more than I've seen my actual husband this week.

Bth Nutmeg and Eliot were obviously out of sorts from the differentness of this week; not enough parental playtime, and even though they love each other, maybe a little too much baby time. Thank God they're both sweet, delightful children or this week might actually have killed me.

Self-promotion time: Check out on Monday.

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Kayadela said...

Awesome. I can't believe you survived this week. You were a superstar.
Have I thanked you enough????
If not, I am bowing down to you (well, as much as I can from the couch with the brace).