Thursday, October 06, 2005

Spam, spam, spam, spam

Here's a special, extra-fun variety of spam that you only get if you're in the media: Crazy people spam! Usually crazy people like to pick up the phone and leave 25-minute voicemails, but some of them also know how to create and use mailing lists.
One common thread in the crazy people emails and phone calls are that the senders believe that powerful people are monitoring them or have damaged their property or threatened their families in some way. That's the part that makes me feel guilty for laughing at the crazy people messages, because it's really sad. But hey, it's not like I broke into their computers and read this stuff, even if some of them might think I did. They sent it to me. And now I'm sharing it with you, you lucky dogs.

FROM: FBI Obedience School [Bushes-AnitChrist@...]
Slawomir J. BOROWY
EMAILOctober 6, 2005 TO: Former President George H. W. BUSH, President George W. BUSH and Vice President Dick CHENEY RE: THE BUSH-CHENEY CARE FOR THE PEOPLE TO TRAIN THEM POLITICAL AND INTELLIGENCE OBEDIENCE LIKE DOGS FOR WSI-GRU UPON ACTIONS OF THEIR MOLES IN FBI UNDER REPUBLICAN DIRECTOR ROBERT S. MUELLER. A. As you may recall, with my high respect for you personally and your families, I sent email that was highlighted with question - ARE THE BUSHES ANTI-CHRIST? due to lack of any actions of yours and your officials to stop the lawlessness of your and their subordinates in the FBI like John PISTOLE, its deputy director, Gary BALD, its executives assistant director and David SZADY, its assistant director. Due to their outgoing harassments, I could not complete the information before e-mailing and delivering its pieces to selected offices of Honorable Senators and Representatives. The additions are as follows in the chronological order of paragraphs of memorandum in question: 8. For the last two decades all FBI directors have been linked with the Bush family. They have declined to direct taking my written information on leaks from the FBI to WSW/WSI-GRU, to confirm its receipt and to probe the allegations. They have promoted those in the FBI who made such breaches of its internal security. This relates mainly to Dale WATSON, then executive assistant FBI director for counterterrorism and counterintelligence. I participated with him in accomplishing its sensitive projects related to the homeland security. Later, he made the notorious pre-9/11 blunders which helped terrorist in pulling off the attack and which included also his decisions on preventing patriotic FBI agents to follow on leads which could have made possible to avoid the tragedy. As the reward, Watson was given the Republican safe heave with 6 figures salary in the BOOZ, ALLEN & HAMILTON, Co. - BAH in the consulting line of business in over 100 countries although he did not attend any college and does not know any foreign language. BAH is linked with the Bush White House, Pentagon and CIA. His above named comrades in WSI-GRU espionage ring have put in charge of FBI. 9. Since 1986 all FBI directors linked with the Bush family have not investigated that their subordinates, especially Dale WATSON, his former supervisor Charles DIXON and others involved stole all my household goods, including antique furniture valued over $65,000.00 from the Neptune storage of the United Nations and seized my jewelry business with 700 unique European style designs valued ca $550,000.00 and with the chain of 180 retail and wholesale customers re-ordering my items. For the last 19 years the same FBI directors have permitted their subordinates among others: (a) to have grabbed and kept the personal documents of mine and my wife; (b) to have blocked the issuance of our U.S. papers, including the work permits after the grant of political asylum; (c) to have tried taking us by the prolonged homelessness and hunger; (d) to have badly my health on daily basis; (e) to have made endless attempts on my life; (f) to have subjected me to various persecutions and harassments on daily basis; and (g) to have made impossible for me to get any legal representation. 10. Meanwhile, WSI/GRU murdered my Parents. Its office managed to have killed three other members in my family and induced a stroke upon another one. WSI/GRU officials stole my property valued about $1.6 million in Poland. They arranged to have ruined my inherited premises valued ca $600.000.00. Several months ago, they planted its informants to live in my apartment without paying the full rent. Thus, they denied my disable family member to have money for basic living from my rental income. In recent months, WSI/GRU moles in FBI, its assets and informants left trails and sent hints that my jewelry business was seized when the Carlyle Group was established and when its founders and secret partners needed badly the initial capital. 11. Without undermining the discovery of former Filipino employee as the spy in the office of Vice President Dick CHENEY and his predecessor Albert GORE, Jr. in the White House, the FBI and its present officials apply again its and their tactic to regroup for a success whenever the information on their crimes is provided widely. The basic facts in Filipino case are that the FBI gave him the clearance to work in the White House and that the FBI took him back to its office as an analyst after end of his work for the White House. This points to his role as the FBI informant in the White House who was planted despite his previous records of contacts with foreign intelligence services. What is relevant is that WSI-GRU are very active in the pro-communist insurgency and its infiltration of government in Philippines. The discovery of Filipino mole in the Cheney office is timely correlated with the arrival of WSI-GRU agent Aleksander KWASNIEWSKI, its outgoing “Pol-ish” p-resident for the October 12, 2005 lunch with President George W. BUSH. 12. The picture emerges that WSI/GRU have sacrificed their low level Filipino spy to protect their high level moles like David SZADY, their assistant director in charge of FBI counterintelligence. As reported by newspapers, Szady persecuted and squeezed financially the Christian wife of convicted KGB-GRU spy John WALKER because she helped the FBI in uncovering his espionage ring. The striking feature in FBI activities is that its officials responsible for national security have never caught any spy from neo-communist WSW/WSI which is under the control of GRU that is widely reported to have used its affiliates in former Soviet satellite countries for increasing its penetration of U.S. Government. Simply, your “friend” Aleksander KWASNIEWSKI spits in your faces with mockery of discovering his WSI Filipino asset in the White House, but you have to kiss his political butt with the welcome to the GOP lunch his honor. Is it the substance of Bush-Cheney Republicanism or compassionate conservatism for WSI-GRU? B. After I drafted, incorporated and sent the information with above additions, the Bush-Cheney Republicans involved in the FBI intensified their attempt to train me their obedience like a dog for WSI-GRU. To this end, they showed me off that I could get a wireless connection from hotspot for a while, could browse the internet with my paid dial-up connection at average speed of about 50 KB/s and could send email without pausing or breaking the internet connection. After short time, they cut off everything. They lowered my speed to 26, 28 and 31 Kbs. They apply the Republican racial discrimination to make impossible for me use the hotspot several yards from the place of my temporary residence when the neighbors can do so. C. Since the Bushes, Cheneyes and their Republicans involved in FBI are apparently obedient to WSI-GRU and require the same from other, they invite only responses just to the point as follows among others: (a) Are the correspondents at White House and in media trained the obedience by the Republicans in FBI not to ask troublesome question of President George W. BUSH and Vice President Dick CHENEY? and (b) Why are some correspondents fired from the job if they hint even the possibility of the Bush-Cheney coverup for pre-9/11 blunders of WSI/GRU spy Dale WATSON, then executive assistant FBI director for counterterrorism and counterintelligence and the involvement of his self-proven comrades-in-espionage who are not in charge of FBI, as indicated above? and (c) Are the people of Kennebunkport, ME, Crawford, TX and Wyoming trained like dog if they dare to say anything critical of the Bushes and the Cheney? (d) Why do you allow your Republicans in FBI to train the governmental officials and employees in local and federal legislatures, police officers and firefighters like puppies if they discovery anything wrong in the FBI? Slawomir J. Borowycc: Honorable: Attorney General Alberto GONZALEZ, FBI Director Robert S. MUELLER, Senators and Representatives, FBI and its above named officials, Military, Intelligence and Diplomatic Communities


Anonymous said...

He may be crazy but he knows a lot of facts - You peasants should read up

Anonymous said...

He IS crazy, and his "facts" are paranoid rantings. You dupes should get a life.