Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Kind of Town

Nutmeg and I visited the dreamiest neighborhood in Chicago with my parents. It's called Roscoe Village and it's near the school that I determined a couple months ago would be the ideal public school for Nutmeg to attend. It reminds me of Noe Valley in San Francisco, where the Sharebear family lives: tons of moms with strollers walking up and down the shopping street, a toddler park just teeming with moms and little ones, plus a healthy dose of young adults jogging with their dogs, hip restaurants and bars, one baby clothes shop and some hip non-baby shops. Add in leafy streets without too much traffic and absolutely no problem parking, and a mix of single-family homes and apartments.

We passed a couple of real estate storefronts with pictures of houses and apartments plastered on the window. The houses were out of reach -- most of them were listed at more than $900,000, and many over a million. But there were condos listed in the $400s and even the $300s. Condos with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

It was funny, because I was walking around saying, "I'm in heaven."
And my dad said not to take this the wrong way, but "Boy. We want different things."
But even thought I can see that my parents would never want to live in a place like this, they were happy to see it. I think when they heard we wanted to move to Chicago, they pictured us living in a high rise on the loop or in the ghetto somewhere. When they pictured us instead on a tree-lined street, not far from Wrigley Field, they relaxed a bit. They got it.
Jobwise, several little things have happened. I didn't get to meet with my professional contact in Chicago, but only because he wasn't free on either of the days I was. He sent me an email saying that they weren't hiring yet anyway, "But do keep in touch!" Which I took as a good sign. As for Epu, it appears that his employer of interest in Chicago is now hiring, so he's calling the recruiter tomorrow. Also, two people have now put in a good word for him with his employer of choice in Madison, one of them to the head of the studio. So that's all good. I've decided to apply for the creative writing program in Madison for this coming fall, in case we end up moving there.
OK, that's the weather and the news. Nutmeg now cries every night when she realizes it's time to go into the bedroom for bed. And she protests when the lights are turned off. I don't like these developments at all.


Hillary said...

That neighborhood sounds fabulous! I don't know where you live now, but Chicago is the bomb. I just love it there.

Good luck to you, as I understand because we are also trying to move. I am trying to get my current employer to keep me on Full-time as a remote worker. Keeps your fingers crossed.

I am sorry about nutmegs screaming at bedtime. Sorry to say we have been there, but it won't last—like everything else that sucks about parenting. Hang in there.

Kori said...

Hey, chica. So sorry we missed each other this visit. We are still in Kenosha, and are so grateful you were so flexible. Mike and I were so sad we didn't get to visit with you, the nut, and your folks, but it sounds like you used the time very well!

Roscoe Village is fantastic. I go with the bean to a new mom's support group near there, and the new city mom's events are also in the area. We walk up and down the streets and imagine how cool it would be to live there. Wouldn't it be nice to come visit you, too? You bet it would!

FYI---if you're not to afraid to go southside (I know you're a Cubs fan)---3-4 bedroom condos in Hyde Park, where we live, are in the $200-$300 range. It's also a pretty amazing neighborhood, if I do say so myself. :)

Unknown said...

you came to chicago???!!! hello!? next time, let me know!
i'll gladly show you around our southside neighborhood, beverly.

we're close to the "other" ballpark, the housing is cheaper, the schools are just as good and the hood's full o' cops & firemen, the metra runs right into the downtown area, etc...

you have to work with a realtor in the neighborhood to get an idea of what's available, but the price ranges are much lower than those on the north side and you get SO much more house and lot.