Monday, October 03, 2005

Like the counting horse, except it's the counting baby

Today I gave Nutmeg a little bowl with 4 pieces of cheese in it. She said, "One two three four cheese." She's been counting lately, but this is the first time I've heard her arrive at the correct total.

Also, today in the bathroom near the ballpark, while we washed our hands, she sang almost the whole ABC song on her own. She just missed the letter K. And who needs it? C pretty much has it covered. I say, forget K! (Sorry, Kori.)

Finally, tonight Epu told her to go get a book and he would read it to her. She hung around for a minute and then wandered off to the bedroom. We were transfixed by the final minutes of the Packers on Monday Night Football. After a minute or two, we worried that she was getting into trouble in the bedroom. "Nutmeg, come back!" we yelled. She appeared momentarily -- carrying a big hardcover book she had fetched from the bedroom. When Epu said go get a book, he had assumed she'd pick one of the two dozen or so books in the living room. But apparently Nutmeg had a specific volume in mind, one that required a solo trans-apartment trek. And the baby found her book.

I must quote Nutmeg, now, and say: "Yay."


Kori said...

Nutmeg is so smart. She's saving the best letter for last. Why include the best with the rest, right?

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