Tuesday, October 25, 2005

First Haircut

Epu cut Nutmeg's hair this morning, and I will post a photo as soon as I take one because she is no longer a baby now that she has bangs. The difference is chilling. He just chiseled out the little girl in her face with a few snips of the scissors, and I gathered up the bits of hair between my thumb and forefingers to put in her baby book. When I looked at her again, I realized there is no baby in this house now.

And she's acting the little girl, too. She turned a corner yesterday verbally. She mastered singing "Old Macdonald" pretty well and has been singing to herself all the time. She has suddenly become conversational. She looked in the refrigerator tonight and told me she wanted "Daddy's blue grownup water." Meaning club soda. She understands what's going on. I told her yesterday we were going to the store to buy onions. We get there, and I ask, "What are we buying?" "Onions," she tells me. I also asked her to find her socks yesterday, kind of facetiously, as we got ready to rush out the door. She went in the living room and came right back, one matching sock in each hand.
I just love her extra lately. I'm a verbal person, and for me, this is love. Talking with the person you love. Hearing the thoughts that come out of their head and telling them things. I can tell Nutmeg something now, and she listens, and processes it. Of course, she's far from understanding everything we say, and hey -- we're grateful. That will come soon enough.


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Kori said...

Wow! I can't wait to see the photos of Nutmeg! :) I bet the haircut is adorable.

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