Friday, October 07, 2005

Contagious Nightmares

Strange nightmares about our children seem to be going around in my corner of the mommy blogosphere; Mamazilla had one, and so did Notta Wallflower. Last night, I got mine.
I had momentarily lost track of Nutmeg. I walked over to some kids and asked if they'd seen her, and a baby said, "I'm right here." I looked. The kid was blond like Nutmeg, but I didn't think it was her. She looked older and I didn't recognize her clothes. So I walked away, and I never found her.
Later, those kids told me that the baby had been my Nutmeg, and when I didn't come back for her, she was adopted by another family. By the time I found the other family and went to their house, Nutmeg was 11 or 12 years old. She was not really interested in meeting me. I went out to dinner with the other family members, who were all very nice. For some reason at the dinner I swallowed whole a small rubber duck just like one that Nutmeg has in real life. It got stuck in my throat, and I had to fish it out by lassoing it with a thread and pulling it out my ear.
When I got home from my visit, Epu had torn down the plaster from several of the walls in our apartment to fix them. The place was a mess. I was upset and depressed, obviously, about the loss of my daughter. When I woke up to her Nutmeg snurfing and snorting with her cold in her crib, it was one of those huge relief moments. It's not true!
Tomorrow morning Nutmeg and I are going on an airplane to visit Grammy and Grampy and Grandma and Grandpa. She knows we're going on an airplane, but she seemed confused when informed that Daddy was not going on the airplane. Last time we spent time without Daddy, she didn't really miss him. I hope she doesn't miss him too much this time -- it'll be 10 days!


Notta Wallflower said...

Ack - my bad dreams are rubbing off on you! That one sounded like a doozy. :-/ I wonder what the significance is of you swallowing the rubber ducky at dinner.

Hope you and Nutmeg have a good and safe trip!

Unknown said...

whoa... my weird dream doesn't compare...

have a safe and memorable trip! :)