Friday, October 14, 2005

After While, Crocodile

My daughter's future careers in the entertainment industry, poet laureate field, and super genius laboratory just keep peeking out from her deceptive toddler exterior. Here are a few choice quotes from her ongoing visit with the fam:

In the hammock outside my parents cabin:
Me: Whatcha looking at.
Nutmeg: Leaves.
(we watch leaves fall from the trees together for a moment.
Nutmeg: Leaves raining.

Today, in one of her sudden nursing-break outbursts:
"How bout yellow purse?"
(I've actually not seen a yellow purse that I can remember, and neither has she. i dunno, maybe she's just wondering why.)

As she struggled to get her new toy doggy out of the fancy zip-up purse Grammy and Grampy bought her in Cambridge:
"Free the doggy!"
(actually, she was saying "Frito doggy" and pretending to feed it a Frito. but don't you like "free the doggy" better?)

While in the park with my dad, when he points out an airplane overhead:
"Airplane muffin."
Later, my dad remembered to ask me: "Did she eat a muffin on the airplane?"
You bet she did.

She had many adventures since I last posted. She visited two rural Wisconsin taverns, and did her first real dancing in one. Grampy played "See ya later, alligator" on the jukebox and she did a cute, lifting up one foot at a time dance, while singing along. Grampy was so tickled he played it again. Fortunately we were the only customers there and the owner, Dorothy Shanahan, had been waiting for us to show up all week since she heard we were coming. At the other tavern, she greeted the 80-year-old owner as coached as soon as we walked in: "Hi Larry!"

The next day we went to a rural produce stand to enjoy their free petting zoo and see the pumpkin-farm displays. Nutmeg was having a good old time until she was trying to feed corn to a deer and a turkey came along and pecked her hand. I'm actually a little worried about it since the spot where he got her is all red today. Nothing like a puncture wound when you've just been petting goats and stuff. But it was very shallow, just a little skin scratched off, so I hope there's nothing to worry about. Anyway, we took her in the free bounce house and that made her forget all about that nasty turkey. Today, if you say "jump house" to her, she'll demonstrate all the jumping and somersaulting she did in there.

Now, she's at the Milwaukee County Zoo with her paternal grandparents, looking for more bacteria to rub in her wound. Tonight, I drive her to Kenosha to play with her second cousins and the New Orleans refugees at my cousin's birthday party, then back up here for two more days with the grandparents.

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