Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wow! Today was La Nanny's first day and I am so happy. The woman scrubbed my countertops, like moved the canisters of flour and such and wiped away the grime that had been accumulating under them. Then she said she couldn't find the Windex so she couldn't do the windows!

This is a direct quote: "I hope they take longer naps tomorrow because I want to clean the refrigerator."

Sigh. I just put Nutmeg down for a late nap and actually wandered aimlessly through my house, wondering, what is there left for me to do?

Also, Nutmeg was totally happy and relaxed with her. Nutmeg willingly ran from me to her and gave her a big hug goodbye. As La Nanny was leaving, Nutmeg called out "bye" and "adios" to her, with her name. It took at least weeks before Nutmeg was this comfortable with the previous nanny. That may have been mainly because it was the first time I had left Nutmeg with anyone. But in part it has got to be that La Nanny is just much more gentle and huggable, whereas the old nanny was kind of in-your-face and loud. Like when she was trying to soothe a child to sleep, and she yelled, "Go to sleep!" right in the child's ear. Funny thing is, though, as shocked as I was by that, the old nanny somehow always got the kids to sleep better, easier and longer than we could.

Speaking of which, Nutmeg is carrying out an animated conversation with herself in her crib after half an hour in there, so I guess a late nap ain't happening.

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Bert said...

que bien que la nanny is totally rockin' cool! so happy to hear it. muy feliz, indeed.