Sunday, September 04, 2005

Security blanket

When I first saw this photo, I asked Epu if he could imagine this was taken in the United States of America. He couldn't. Then I looked at again, and said "Oh my God."

In color it's obvious, but in the paper it was in black and white, and it took me several looks before I realized what the woman is holding between her two babies. It's a Taggies blanket.

We have one of those. It just made me realize how close to home this tragedy really is. This woman is not that different from me or any other mom I know. If this crisis in New Orleans really is a symptom that the fraying seams of our nation are finally failing, then the next time around, this woman could be me. Maybe not. Maybe our middle class status will shield us from whatever disaster next tests our systems and infrastructure. Cold comfort, eh?

Nutmeg's playing with Epu in the living room. She just said to him, "Mommy hurt. Mommy crying."

Tell me about it.

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