Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Little sigh of relief. The RSVP list for the Kegger/Bake Sale for Charity is up to 17 people, not counting us hosts. That means I can officially afford to buy a keg, assuming no one will donate one, and still make money on the event. Tonight I emailed a few local breweries to kegbeg. Also, at work, the organizer of a truly mammoth annual fundraiser that collects lots of money has allowed me to glom on, and hopefully I will collect a bit of cash there too. The only part of the fundraising picture that hasn't come into focus so far is the sale of the Brett Favre jersey. No bids with 23 hours to go.

Meanwhile, little pieces of our lives are as usual falling out of place. We had one of our two potential nannies babysit today, and decided we didn't like her as much as the other one. Then the Sharebear's mom called and said the one we want to hire might be reconsidering. Oh well. They're both good, really. I just want the one who most wants the job, who will take it seriously.

Today I was walking down our street, holding Nutmeg's hand, and she saw something I didn't see and told me about it. She stopped as we passed a parked car and said what sounded like "Cat un car." I looked at the car and couldn't find any cat on it or in it. But she started waving, "Hi cat!" She wouldn't walk any further, like she was not only excited but a little afraid. So I squatted down and, sure enough, saw a small cat hanging out under the car, just off the curb.

Also today, as Epu was holding her and I was standing close by, Nutmeg pointed to each of us, saying, "one, two grownup."

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