Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Goodnight peoples

The mommy blogosphere seems to have gone quiet, including this sector of it. Has everyone lost interest? Will Blogger burn out as quickly and as coldly as Friendster did? OK, OK, if the blogosphere is at stake, I'll take a break from my fundraising activities to share my daughter's wonderfulness with the world.

I took Nutmeg to the climbing gym today for the first time in months. She loved it and the gym largely loved her back. As she rambled around in her little white coveralls, one young man came up and said, "You have the most adorable kid I have ever seen." I agreed. Then, he grins and says, "I just can't wait to impregnate a woman!"

After relating this story to Erik and getting no laugh, I should point out that the guy was not at all creepy. He was nice, good looking and a little geeky.

Nutmeg also learned to say "narcissism" at the gym. I was telling Beegs that Nutmeg had said "thyroid cancer" on the day after Rhenquist died. Beegs expressed amazement, so I demonstrated: "Nutmeg, say narcissism. Narcissism." After a couple repetitions from Beegs and me, she tried it, although she didn't manage the second "siss" until she was in the backseat of the car, repeating it over and over.

This seemed to stimulate her little brain, because she proceeded to serenade us in the car on the way home with her own little version of "Goodnight Ladies." It went like this:

"Goodnight Nutmeg
Goodnight Nutmeg
Goodnight Nutmeg
Goodnight Daddy
Goodnight Mommy
Goodnight peoples."

She never gets to the "It's time to leave you now" part. But, sadly, it is time to leave you now, at least for tonight. My ice cream is gone, which means it's time for me to go to bed.


Bert said...

well.. did you get his number? i'm just sitting here waiting to be impregnated by someone, and you don't even find out who this impregnator is? some friend...

Notta Wallflower said...

Bert, if you would just come to the fundraiser, Howard and I are bringing one of his friends. ;-)