Monday, September 26, 2005


I think we're entering a highly humorous stage of toddlerhood. And since I got into this parenting thing for the laughs, I'm thinking, it's about time.

Today Nutmeg was in her high chair, the bottom half of her face covered with black sauce from some black beans she'd been eating. She'd insisted on wiping her own face, but she just dabbed at her chin once with the washcloth and thought she was done.

"Nutmeg," I told her. "Wipe more."
"More," she said, and compliantly made one or two other dabs. The ratio of sauce removed to sauce left on her face? I could only express it using many, many digits to the right of the decimal point.
"Wipe here," I told her, touching my upper lip the way you would if you were trying to subtley cue your date in a restaurant that he has a little whipped cream on his face.
"Wipe ear," she said, and -- still compliant as hell -- did just that.
I rolled on the kitchen floor for awhile, laughing.

Tonight, while I was nursing her, she paused to point to her eye, and said, "Dragon eye." Then she held out her hand and said, "Dragon hand." And, "Dragon foot." I have no idea where she got this.
"Are you a dragon?" I asked.
Did I tell you she was her daddy's girl, or what? Next thing I know, she's going to be waiting in line all night for the Lord of the Rings.

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Bert said...

you have the cutest, most brilliant, and now, apparently, geekiest baby around! congratulations on the combination of your DNA. hoping to see you and the dragon soon.