Monday, September 12, 2005

Aw, I love you guys ...

The Kegger/Bake Sale* hasn't even started yet, and I'm already feeling like giving out lots of soggy smooches and hugs. I loooove you guys! I just talked to Nutmeg's Grammy, and she told me that several of you have made gifts to Uncle Kenny's Team in Training effort without even mentioning it to me. And remember, your gifts are worth double because we're matching them.

For the rest of you who I know are very anxious to make your own donations, feel free to drop me a comment or a private note to let me know, so I can add your gift to my matching list.

*The Kegger/Bake Sale is a local event where we live, which will also generate funds for Uncle Kenny's effort.

Busy, busy weekend what with Eliot's big day, two Cub games (Nutmeg said "Cubs win, Cubs win!") Nutmeg ate some hotdog pieces at Friday night's game. So nice that I was able to hold onto my parenting values for 16 straight months. Almost as bad was yesterday's game, where I caved to a sweet young Giant's fan's request to feed Nutmeg some of his cotton candy. After that, of course, we had to take a long walk around the stadium to burn off some energy.

Mommy: Goooo Cubs!
Nutmeg: Gooo Choo Choo Train!

Nutmeg also went to a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser, and then Mommy went to a concert last night. I may fall asleep while typing this. Today, we took a choo-choo train far into the suburbs to go to a lovely children's park with Eliot and his Mommy. Have I mentioned that Nutmeg loves the choo choo train? The fire engine and the bus are also popular, but no one delivers like the choo choo train in this toddler's world.


Bert said...

damn, girlfriend! you went to a concert after that, too! i had forgotten. you totally rock. thanks for coming to the fundraiser. it was so fantastic to see you and introduce you to the place... finally! :)

Bert said...

p.s. gooooooo choo choo train!