Monday, September 05, 2005

After 8 years...

Ever feel like your marriage is a scripted, decades-long play? Written by the most tone-deaf writer ever and repeated nightly?

Things I am so tired of hearing my husband say:

Let's get a sewing machine! (Which we would put where, on the tower of hardcover books I use for a nightstand? Wedged between the baby's crib and our bed?)

We should move our kitchen cupboards up six inches. (I can only reach the bottom two shelves as it is.)

Let's get a dog.

I need a new computer.

What day is it?

I didn't notice the mess/pile of dirty dishes/squalid conditions.

Things I am so tired of saying to my husband (and he is probably so tired of hearing):

Can you not leave your dirty socks on the living room floor/kitchen table/computer desk? (Sometimes replaced by the silent pitching of said sock bundle at the back of his head.)

Get up and do something while you talk on the phone.

When are you coming home from work?

Oh well, every once in a while he throws me a curve ball, like ... oh, you know, mushy stuff. And neither of us ever gets tired of hearing "Don't we have the most awesomest baby ever?"


Anonymous said...

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Bert said...

okay okay... i'm sure i've said this to you before... and i'm sure you know it, but i just wanted to throw it out there as a comment. i bet a lot of people (myself included) wish they had someone to throw dirty socks at, especially one as nice as Epu. and also i know you appreciate him a lot despite the aforementioned incidents. this, of course, does not cheapen your broken record feeling, in any way. i understand. just try to remember who you might have ended up with... *wince* ;)

Anonymous said...

You're so funny. I wish my husband kept asking for a sewing machine. Sew me something!

Also, if Keith has to "talk" to me 1 more time about me calling him at work and asking when he's coming home, I think he'll leave me. It's OK, I'll go with him.