Thursday, August 04, 2005

Nutmeg owes me a tropical vacation

I decided not to go to the DR. At first I thought I was going to say yes, but as soon as I started planning on that, this sadness just descended on me and I thought about starting the weaning process with considerable dread. Which makes me think, I may not be doing the right thing.

So I did a few online searches on "breastfeeding toddlers." At and at La Leche League, I saw confirmations of what Nutmeg's pediatrician said, that she's still getting antibodies from my milk. And I have to note that this is a child who has hardly ever been sick so far, while so many of my coworkers complain that their whole families are sick all the time. Of course, the main thing behind that is likely that Nutmeg is not in daycare.

I also found this on parentingweb: "Because your nursing toddlers needs are being met, she will feel better about herself and thus tend to accept discipline more easily. Nursing eases frustration and smooths over many of the tough transitions that a make up a toddlers life. You may find that your nursing toddler rarely has temper tantrums or, if he does, that they are easily "tamed". " has more facts and figures on the benefits for toddlers in terms of illness, allergies, etc.

But still, I wondered. 15 months is still a good long time to nurse. When I first talked about taking this trip, Epu asked, well, what's the average time babies breastfeed? I guessed 4 weeks. Well, I found one article that said the average length in developed countries is 8.7 months per woman per lifetime, as in, I nursed my first baby 4 months, my second for 3 months and my third for 1.7 months. So anyway, Nutmeg has already gotten much more of the boobie juice than most babies get in the West, for sure.

Last night I was thinking, why won't someone just tell me what to do? There are other things going on in our lives, work issues, issues with our homeowners' association, that I haven't gone into here, but suffice to say that I've been faced with too many decisions lately and I felt like I just couldn't make this one. Even though it's what Bert would call "a Cadillac" problem: Do I take an awesome vacation or do I enjoy months more of cozy bonding with my darling baby?

Anyway, I went to the bathroom and noticed Dr. Sear's Baby Book sitting in there, as usual. Aha! Maybe Dr. Sears would tell me what to do.

Well, you can guess what the Guru of Attachment Parenting says: "Avoid weaning by desertion -- leaving baby to go on a getaway vacation."

Well, I was looking for someone to tell me what to do. And there it is.

Besides, just about every source I read said that weaning should happen when the mother, or the baby, or both, are ready. And neither of us is ready. I realized that I was looking forward to a slow weaning process, something that Nutmeg and I would talk about when she's an older toddler. I know this makes me a freak to most Americans, but so be it. I also realize that this means I'll probably have no break between nursing Nutmeg and my next pregnancy, whenever that should happen. Oh well. I'll have plenty of time to try LSD and overdose on tuna when the kids are in college. (Just kidding, Mom!)

And hey, ironically, it's National Breastfeeding Week. I guess somebody's trying to tell me something, hopefully not the same somebody who keeps electrocuting Boy Scouts.

And guess what else? I got plagiarized by a bunch of blogs:

This is the second time (that I know of) that my writing has been plagiarized, and I have to say, it's always flattering. Yes, I'm that desparate for flattery of any kind, that I *like* being plagiarized.


Bert said...

Oh, sweetie! You totally decided the right thing. I'll go back to the Dominican Republic someday. And maybe you and the whole family can come along. My friends there love company - the more the merrier. They'll feed you all bags full of rice and beans, and pump you full of Dominican coffee and rum. And then we'll all head down to the CarWash, which is Dominican for GetYourFreakOn Dance Joint, and shake our tailfeathers. Child(ren) included.

I really respect your decision. You're such an incredible parent. I'm so proud to have you as a friend. :)

Carrie said...

thanks Bert ... snurf ... and stop making it sound so fun!

Anonymous said...

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