Saturday, August 13, 2005

Nutmeg the Kid

Nutmeg is turning into a kid before our eyes. Today, in the car on the way to and from the Bay Area Discovery Museum she sang songs. Not like, she sang the whole song. But on the way there, with Kay and Eliot in the back seat along with her, we sang "Old MacDonald," and she actually requested a couple of animals at the appropriate place, although her choices were questionable. On this farm, she wanted a birdie, a dog, a cat and a bear. I told her I didn't see the real profit potential in this kind of livestock, but she wouldn't listen. Then she made the animal noises at the appropriate time.
Then, on the way home, I noticed her saying, "Don't you cry," and moving her arms back and forth. She was singing "The Wheels on the Bus," all by herself. Just to prove she knew what she was doing, she switched from "Don't you cry" to "I love you," the next refrain.
And I should mention that on Thursday, after the Nanny left, Nutmeg actually said, "Mommy, I love you." Honest to god.
She's sleeping now, after another trouble-free bedtime. People, don't let anyone tell you your baby won't be able to put herself to sleep if you always nurse her down as an infant. She will, as long as you hire a nutty Taiwanese crone to take care of her a couple days a week.

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Kori said...

I've heard that "Nutty Taiwnese Crones R'Us" is having a discount this week. Get your crone while you can!