Saturday, August 06, 2005

Men blog from Mars, women blog from Venus

Me: Snurf!
Epu: What?
Me: My friend just made the nicest post on my other friend's blog!
Epu: (gives me a look just like Uncle Bob's in Urban Cowboy when Sissy's bull ride prompt him to say, "They ruined that bull.")
Me: We're doing the Internet all wrong, with all this hugging and crying and support. Aren't we?
Epu: Well ... I definitely never cried at someone's posting.
Me: (imagine Epu reading Slashdot with a hanky in one fist, whispering, "I think the new Apple mouse is a sell-out to Windows too...)

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LisaChan said...

Hi There,

Delurking to say that I've been having a hard time viewing your blog on Internet Explorer for the last few weeks. The scroll bar on the right hand side is unusually long, and won't let me scroll down any further than the orignal screen shot. Any idea what's going on?

Very frustrating when I'm in the middle of reading one of your posts, and can't finish it!

Just thought I'd let you know!