Thursday, August 04, 2005

Insert heartwarming moment here

I got so worked up over my supreme maternal sacrifice that I forgot to share what happened today: Nutmeg is totally over me.

I came home for lunch from work today, as I often do in an attempt to catch The Nanny selling crack from the back porch and using Nutmeg as a lookout, or whatever it is she does when we're not there. Instead, I walk in and hear Nutmeg and The Nanny engaged in happy conversation while she's on the changing table.
Nanny: "tai chou le!" ("too stinky")
Nutmeg: "tai chou le!"
Nanny (giggling with delight) "hao chou!" (really stinky!)
And I listen with pleasure, knowing she didn't hear me come in, and thinking that despite all my complaints, big and small, about this woman, she really enjoys my daughter, and vice versa. Which makes up for a lot.
I sit down and eat and they come into the kitchen. Nutmeg makes a beeline for my lap, as usual, but she does so smiling, not crying as she sometimes is when she sees me midday. She nurses for about 30 seconds on each side, as The Nanny puts on her jacket in preparation for their trip to the park.
I ask Nutmeg if she wants to go to the park, and she says, "go go go!"
And she sits up and squirms to be let down. Normally, when I come home at lunch, she clings to me like I was the last raft off the Titanic.
The Nanny holds out her jacket, and she toddles toward the Nanny's open arms, says, "Hug!" and gives her a hug. Gets her jacket on, and walks toward the front door.
"Tell Mommy zaijian (goodbye)" the Nanny says, and Nutmeg calls out, "Bye bye mommy! Go go go!"
Without looking back. And they're gone.
Sure, I may have choked up a little bit. But honest to God -- I just felt so proud of my little girl, and relieved that (hopefully) our lunchtime melodramas will now be replaced with this lighthearted kind of scene.
Of course, these kids, they have no sense of context, while we grownups are sludging through nothing but context, day in, day out. Today was not at all noteworthy to Nutmeg. I was thinking, why couldn't I have videotaped this Very Historic Moment, and she's thinking, "Go go go!"

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Bert said...

Someday, you can return the favor by chanting "go go go!" as you wave goodbye from the deck of the Caribbean cruise liner, a ticket for which she will have purchased for you out of gratitude for continuing to nurse her for so long. Then, sailing the seas of the tropics, you and Erik can play shuffleboard to your heart's content.