Friday, July 08, 2005

Nutmeg is sick. The sickest she's ever been, which is still not sick enough to take her to the doctor. We have been blessed with a very healthy kid. I'm on my second day in a row calling in sick to take care of her. This was not planned. I actually went to work yesterday morning, but when the nanny heard Nutmeg had a fever, she informed Epu that she doesn't take care of kids with fevers. So I shut down my work computer and walked back home agian. I'm fine with the Nanny's policy, but it is yet another thing I now realize we should have talked about in more detail at the outset.
Sadly, I think I am going to have to stop searching for a sharecare family, because I'm no longer confident in my ability to recommend this nanny to other families. There had been an accumulating pile of little issues -- she keeps putting off going in for a TB test; she doesn't seem to get our desire for Nutmeg to eat the food we have bought for her and persists in buying other things to feed her; she keeps asking if I can pretend I pay more for sharecare so the other family will pay more. But this week was something beyond all that. Epu was waiting for her yesterday morning, and she called at 9:15 -- 15 minutes after she usually arrives -- to say that she had just called the Sharebear's mom to say she was running late, found out Nutmeg had a fever, and now she wasn't coming. She has never been late before, now all the sudden she hadn't even started coming over to our house, and she doesn't call us until 9:15??? Epu of course was mad, since he was waiting to go to work. Her sister is visiting from Taiwan, and apparently she was off doing something with her. And yesterday afternoon she called me again and asked how Nutmeg was doing. I said she was much better and would probably be fine to babysit tomorrow. Then the Nanny asked if I would mind if she didn't come anyway, since she wanted to go somewhere with her sister. WTF, I ask you, Internet? But since I had already been considering just taking another sick day, I said sure.
And it turns out Nutmeg is worse this morning. She keeps perking up during the daytime and having her fever spike back up at night. This morning she cried at everything I offered her, from a pedialyte popsicle to a bath. Usually she loves taking a bath. So that was sad. She's napping now. I called the doctor and they said that as long as she's not dehydrated -- she's still crying real tears -- or extremely lethargic I don't need to bring her in.
In other news, the guy upstairs from us says he's selling his unit. Anyone want to move in upstairs from us?

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