Monday, July 04, 2005

Conversations with Nutmeg

In the bath today, Nutmeg looked at her rubber ducky's face and said, "eyes." On a lark, I asked, "How many eyes does he have." "One two eyes," she replied, without missing a beat.
"Erik!" I called so her daddy would come hear what she just said.
"Who's Erik?" I asked her while we waited for him to arrive.
He came in, heard her repeat her "one-two eyes" performance, and left.
"More please daddy," she said, so we had him come back again.

Later tonight, we were all on the bed reading stories. She asked for "nanny," her new word for nursing, and crawled over to me. Her daddy asked, wickedly, "How many nannies does mommy have?" She looked at them and said, "boobies." And then, "one-two boobies."
Boobies? We both cracked up, which is of course the absolute best way to reinforce a toddler to repeat and repeat something that seemed cute only the first couple of times. But come on, boobies? When did we ever say that? Is someone else saying that to her?
Now I'm really grateful that I got Epu to stop saying, "You want jug juice?" when asking if she wanted to nurse. That would go over like a lead balloon at preschool, no?
Also, she's walking around most of the time rather than crawling now. It's such a cute walk, all bowlegged and leaning back and forth for balance. Today she walked naked from the bedroom to the bathroom, and I gotta tell you, it's even cuter naked. And because when I strip her down, I tend to say, "Hi, naked!" she now says that too if she happens to be in that state.

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