Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sigh. My formerly "good sleeper" is suddenly Miss Sucks Two Hours Out of Your Day Every Time She needs to take a nap or go down for the Night. It's 9 p.m. Wed night and i'm sitting on the bed next to her, not yet ready to move and risk waking her. It seems that she's learned to power through the breastfeeding sleepiness, so she'll nurse and then pop right back up for "more books" or "play!" And it's Wed night, night before the nanny comes, so I've got to prepare all of her food for tomorrow and label it in our ongoing battle to stop the nanny from buying a bunch of crappy food at the expensive corner store and charging us for it.

Should I even get into our latest Nanny challenges? I don't want to make this blog even more boring than it is by turning it into a 24 hour Nanny bitchfest. OK, just a little bit. Her former employer reposted her ad on Craigslist advertising her as looking for "full time work." I emailed her to ask why on earth she was reposting this, and got a call from the Nanny 10 minutes later explaining that yes, she would like to find Mon-Wed work so she could keep working for me, but she is also looking for full time. Yes, nice committment. The Sharebear's mom is also pretty ticked.

OK, a few quick nice things and then i have to go cook and clean until i fall unconscious onto the kitchen floor. New words from Nutmeg: "noodle," "I know." she's saying a couple 2 word combos: "more please," and she'll say " "bye..." and then add someone's name after a long pause. and she's making adorable attempts at a few hard words: "pajamas" is "chiba," and i can't even describe her attempts at "hippopotamus" and "cucumber."