Friday, June 10, 2005

Nutmeg is making 2 word phrases: "more nana" is a favorite. And in the middle of the night, while kneeling and grimacing and howling, "more nana please!"

sigh. we're making progress on the night weaning; it's down to a couple minutes of crying from 15 minutes or so. but these are still some rough nights.

on the plus side, she loves brushing her own teeth with the little fingertip toothbrush, all the while declaiming, "buh tee, buh tee!" If Nutmeg wrote, everything would have about five exclaimation points at the end.

we went to the pharmacy to pick up a new inhaler for me, and when the pharmacist in her white coat started talking to us, Nutmeg freaked out. she did the same thing when i took her along to my doctor last week. ever since the trauma of having her blood drawn, every whitecoat is a murderous villain, as far as she's concerned. ooh, i just can't wait for her next doctor's visit in september.

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