Monday, June 27, 2005

Let the trumpet fanfare begin

Nutmeg slept through the night for the last two nights. The first time, we were camping and she was snuggled up in her own little snowsuit/sleepingbag thing, so I chalked it up to deep sleep induced by fresh air and a chilly tent. But last night, upon our return, she also didn't wake up until about 5:30 in the morning. Wow. Fingers crossed that she keeps this up.

In even more important news, Nutmeg had the best time ever camping. Which means we had the best time ever. We finally got her little inflatible boat out on the water, and in true Nutmeg style, she looooved it. Watching this little girl grin while floating all on her own in a lake, watching her lean over the side to splash and seeing her fight being removed from the lake even as her lips turned blue with cold, my job as a parent suddenly crystalized for me. My job is to prevent anyone in the world from dimming this light burning in her. I've never met a person with such a verve for life, so open to joy and experience. She sat in the shallows, letting cold waves smack her in the chest, and she didn't even wince. She just reached down and grabbed fistfuls of pebbles and the slowly dropped them back into the water. And when we dragged her ashore and dried her off, she still sat in that boat -- on the beach, at the campsite. I'm thinking about reinflating it so she can sit in it in the living room. And when she does all this, we just kiss her all over her face and tell her, "I love you!" and we have never said a truer thing.
Photos coming soon.

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