Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kiss of the Spider Baby

Got this from BabyCenter today, and it does soothe my hurt feelings a bit:

"Even the most mild-mannered 13-month-olds will experiment with ... how shall we say it? ... undesirable behavior. If your normally happy-go-lucky toddler suddenly starts screaming, yelling, biting, and hitting, you can take some solace in knowing that his development is right on track."

Nutmeg bit me on the arm twice yesterday while I was trying to rock her to sleep. I was already stressed since I was supposed to be working, and my back hurt from trying to lull her into a nap. And then that. It was the first time since the early rough patch -- about 4 weeks to 10 weeks of age -- when I started to feel angry and resentful toward my little baby.

Because what do you do? You can't bite her back or smack her, and as I sternly said "No!" to her, she actually threw her head back and laughed! Is this my baby?

The Baby Center email says "traditional discipline tactics don't work very well for this age group." They suggest making sure you get to take a break from your baby.

Well, I don't have any baby-free time scheduled, except for work release, but I can escape with my new IPOD MINI!!! I got it free from CitiBank for setting up a checking account with online bill pay. V. excited. First thing I did after installing the software was download this morning's Wall St. Journal. THAT'S RIGHT! Life doesn't get any wilder or hedonistic than this.


Notta Wallflower said...

I remember when Kyle was little (and my hair was long), he had a nasty habit of pulling my hair. Like you, I experienced no success with telling him "no", so I ended up just cutting my hair short. Unfortunately, that doesn't work when a kiddo is biting, since you need to keep your appendages. :-P

I agree with getting time to yourself, though. I think that's good advice, no matter what age your child is.

Bert said...

dude. i just love you like crazy. you go with your wild boob-baring self.