Sunday, June 19, 2005

It has a name

Took Nutmeg to Ocean Beach today with Keith, Kay and Eliot. After Nutmeg had felt the ocean once, she kept crawling toward the surf at top speed, saying, "cold water!" It was a beautiful day and her exhuberance was so touching, but after an hour or so we were all pretty tired of chasing her across the beach. And we were all very sandy and our pants were wet. I didn't realize it would be warm enough to wade, or I wouldn't have worn boot cut jeans that are a little too long anyway!

Today while coloring, Nutmeg said to me, "name." She wanted me to write her name, something her daddy had done with her before. Yet she never uses her name to refer to herself and rarely tries to say it. If she points to herself, she'll say, "Baby." At the beach today, Kay wrote her name in the sand for her. "Name," Nutmeg said again. The other thing she asks for a lot when we're coloring is for us to draw a bunny. She'll say, "hop hop." Then we draw one, and then she scribbles all over it happily.

And on Wednesday, Nutmeg told Epu she wanted to go on the merry go round before they left the house. He said, "let's go out," planning -- he claims -- to take her to 24 Hour Fitness, where they have babysitters on weekdays. She said, "Up, down, round round. Go go," he tells me. So of course, they went on the merry go round instead.

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Bert said...

aw. that's a story to tell on father's days to come! he wins. go epu. :)