Sunday, June 12, 2005

Flower Child

We took Nutmeg to Haight Street Fair today with Keith, Kay and Eliot. The weather was beautiful and she enjoyed it. Then we all went to the playground and went on the merry-go-round. Hours later, at home, Nutmeg was still telling us, "roun, roun, up-down!" Yeah, she likes it.

Then tonight we had a Chinese guest reporter from work come over for dinner. She was really nice and I totally regret not inviting her sooner, because she said she had not really gotten to know many people in her four months here, and now she is leaving in two weeks. She did, however, fill my head with all kinds of ideas about writing for the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times in China. Bad mommy, bad mommy. Actually, it would be so good for Nutmeg. But the grandparents would not be happy, not at all. Fortunately for them I'm not very hardworking these days, so none of that is likely to happen.

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