Monday, May 02, 2005

Yegads. The childcare roller coaster continues. So, last night The Nanny called us back and asked, how much can you pay per hour? We told her that each family could pay her $9 an hour. She said she'd call back today. Today she calls and says yep, she'll take it. I spend naptime researching certain issues I won't go into here. I leave a message with the Jewnese family (the called themselves a bicultural Jewish/Chinese family in their initial e-mail) asking if they're still up for it. I go out to the Post Office and the park and come back to a message from the Jewneses saying they're definitely still interested and to call back. So we eat dinner, put Nutmeg to bed, Epu queues up a West Wing dvd, and I call them.

We talk about The Nanny for a minute or two, then the Jewnese mom suddenly suggests that we consider forming a little co-op instead, taking care of each other's kids' one day a week apiece.

Not that that's a bad idea. I'm just _so_ tired of evaluating options. The Jewnese dad apparently has been championing the idea of alternating care with someone, while the wife was resistant. But once she met Nutmeg, she changed her mind. They didn't say they were concerned about the cost of paying The Nanny -- they're apparently pretty well off -- but they did say they were concerned about how we would handle compensation if one kid was sick or otherwise couldn't come. Then they said they'd be traveling a lot in the next few months, that their son had only been attending the day care he's in now about 60% of the time due to illness.

We agreed that the Pu family (epu, cpu and bpu) will visit the Jewnese family on Saturday afternoon at 3:30 to discuss this possibility further. And now I'm going to lie awake another night with all kinds of questions swirling in my head. What am I supposed to do with my kid while these people are out of town? Would I hate having to spend one of my two weekdays off taking care of an extra kid? Would the Jewnese mom be a good caregiver? (Not if she's just doing this becauase her husband's making her.) Will she speak Mandarin to the kids? She already said that they gave up on having her speak Mandarin to their son because it was too confusing.

And what about background checks???? This one issue has been such a stumbling block for me. We'd be up for background checking ourselves but what will they think about that?

And what about this wonderful nanny we found?

God, I'm so tired of all this. Tomorrow we're going for a practice day at the home daycare, and the next day The Nanny is coming here for a practice day. Where is Nutmeg going while I work Thursday and Friday? The Nanny says she isn't available until next week. So I hope she's going to the home day care.

I'm typing this while watching The West Wing and now Supernanny. It's all just stressing me out more. And do you know what those Jewnese parents are doing? They're in their hot tub.

Yes, rich is better. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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