Sunday, May 01, 2005

Before Part II of our childcare saga, let me treat you to this posting found in the childcare section of Craigslist:

I'd like to emphasize that Parents don't realize of a very important thing when they interview nannies. It's understandable to ask for references, but did you know , how bothering there is for families to keep receiving tons of calls from so many families nannies apply to? i know its necessary to check on references but i understand that getting so many calls from new families , we're applying with , bothers families.... Parents , you should trust in people who show you everything you asked them for,and not make the job starting date take so long by asking for trial days,etc. There are still lots of honest and good nannies who really love children and would be willing to give you copies of their documents ,so you feel safer about them,but It's illegal to get copies of that, so please parents, trust in us , in all we show you.

Ah, yes, parents. Please be considerate and quit checking our references.

So, our potential nanny came over today and she's a darling woman. Nutmeg loves her, in fact when she was leaving Nutmeg threw her arms around the nanny's neck for a goodbye hug. And the family who's thinking about doing sharecare with us were all lovely too. Happy story, yes? Except that this nanny charges $12 an hour PER KID. Not only could we not afford to pay that, I don't think anyone else will pay her that either. I adore this woman, but she only has five years of experience, no formal training, is not registered with Trustline, and her command of English is just OK. None of this stops me from wanting to hire her, I'm just saying, she's not going to get the $24 an hour she's looking for to watch two kids.
Soooo, a few hours after she came over, she called to ask how much we *could* pay. Now she's thinking about it and seeking advice from her current employer, whose daughter is going off to preschool. I'm thinking she's going to take it.

Meanwhile, we're going to do a test day Tuesday with the muuuch cheaper home daycare. Will I ever sleep again? The implications of employing someone are boggling my mind. She wants to make enough money to pay rent in San Francisco. Gee, how demanding of her! Why am I so mean that I won't pay her what she needs to get by? Oh, I don't know. I just have this inclination not to give her *more* of my takehome pay than I keep. Anyway, I'm hoping I can help her find more work to fill out her schedule so she can earn more money. If we hire her.

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