Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Trying to be cool about imminent relatives' arrival and departure for Nutmeg's party fun house. Only obsessing every other second about whether I will have enough time to find little white sandles to go with Nutmeg's party dress that have flexible soles so as to be good for her feet when she starts walking, which will happen any second, because she is doing her "standing unsupported" trick more and more often.

My God, girls. Did you ever imagine, even in your darkest teenage dreads of the banality of adulthood, that you would be obsessing about find the perfect infant sandles? No, you only thought you'd end up Valiumed out, making payments on minivans, and competing with the neighbors over your lawn. And you thought this would take a decade or so of parenthood to happen. You didn't know you'd turn into insane Bree from Desperate Housewives over your first child's FIRST birthday. Joke's on you, girls.

Anyway, I have a minor victory to report, and then I'm back to getting 50 things done before I join Epu in bed. I just removed the rust spots from the chrome push handle of Nutmeg's birthday present, a Radio Flyer mini tricycle, with incredible ease using a product I'd like to endorse now: Barkeeper's Friend. The woman who sold me this tricycle knocked $15 off the price when she realized that there was rust on the pushbar, and she told me I could buy another one online for that price. I couldn't find any such accessory online, and put off thinking about it, until my Dad looked it over and said a chrome cleaner might be able to get the spots off. Hmm. I didn't know you could clean rust off of things! Wait till I try this on my minivan's bumpers, the better to reflect my nice green lawn off of!

Anyway, I went to Cole Fox Hardware yesterday, had to nurse Nutmeg furtively in a back row, and then held her completely limp 10-pound body in my arms while I asked the saleswoman a million questions about which rust remover would be least toxic but still work. She helped me find Barkeeper's Friend. Barkeeper's Friend, people! It could be your friend too. It sure is mine. Because I just went downstairs, followed the directions, and within five minutes there were no rust spots on that chrome handle. Of course, I still have total buyer's remorse on the trike anyway, since it has no seat back or seatbelt, unlike the obviously superior Kettler trike. But hey, if I find one of those Kettrikes used, I can probably now sell the Radio Flyer for more than I bought it for, thanks to BARKEEPER'S FRIEND.

We now return to your regularly scheduled dread.

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