Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Took Nutmeg to the Academy of Science this morning with Kay and Eliot. Saw the penguin feeding. Nutmeg enjoys this place more every time we go. This time she crawled right up to the penguin aquarium and stood up against it, waving Hi to the penguins and watching them swim around. Then she worked the crowd a little, reaching out to touch little kids' cool sandals, etc. Some little girls thought she was cute, some kids were like, get away from me, baby. Eventually she looked around for me, and I opened my arms wide, and she crawled back to me, having to go around several sitting and walking kids to get there. Then she climbed into my lap and watched the penguins from there. I love this baby.

Then tonight I took her to the party work through because we finally won a Pulitzer. She saw people eating appies there and immediately signed "more," and "eat," quite impressing my coworkers. She loved the speeches because she joined in on the applause, and then they turned on dance music and put on the pulsing lights -- it was at a dance club -- and it blew her mind. She was tired -- it was after 8 p.m. -- but every time she'd slump her head against my chest and we'd go sit down in the makeout area, she'd catch a glimpse of those lights again and jump up for more party. Epu picked us up when he was done with work, and she fell asleep in the car on the way home. As I carried her up the stairs, her dad gave her a goodnight kiss and said, Bye, because he had to go repark the car. She limply waved her little hand at him, with her eyes closed.


Those of you out there with hearts of stone, that sloshy feeling you have inside your chest out there is your heart melting. Get used to it.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to Nutmeg's potential caregiver's house for a trial afternoon. I am going to be there the whole time. I am not really looking forward to hanging out in this woman's apartment all afternoon while she goes about her day. For one thing, I won't be able to get anything done all afternoon; for another, it's embarrassing. I know it's important to observe how she does with Nutmeg plus her own two little ones, and it's important for Nutmeg to get used to being there with me before we just dump her off there for a whole workday. But it's certainly going to be awkward.

We think this woman is the one, though. She is a native Mandarin speaker, with a degree in childhood education, also speaks perfect English, is married to an American. Very into teaching the little ones. Wants to start a home-based preschool in a couple of years.

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